Sony Hack 2014 Case Study

Sony Cyber Attack Case Study


Digital Forensics: Investigating Network Intrusions and Cybercrime



Bryan Bell

Sony Cyber Attack Case Study

Duane Brown

            Let me begin with this, the Sony Cyber Attack was orchestrated by the Right Wing.  Guardians of Peace when made into an acronym is the GOP Aka the Good Olde Party, Aka The Right Wing, Aka The KKK, and the multitude of White Supremacist hate groups that have sprung up since the first election of Barack Obama.  Fact, N. Korea has never taken responsibility for the Cyber Attack on Sony.  Sony (a Corporation Headquartered in Japan and known ally of the United States) has never investigated on its own the actual source of the hack of its global network.  There are zero third party investigations of the hack available anywhere to my knowledge.  Sony immediately turned over the investigation to the FBI’s SealMadiant (aka the Seal Team of CyberSecurity) on Monday December 1st, 2014.  Mandiant, a subsidiary of FireEye is headed by Right Winger Kevin Mandia. And though as a reader you may be in hopes that this case study is going to blame Sony, its employees, or its head, sorry but it is not going to happen.

Why Blame N. Korea (“If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear result of a hundred battles. Sun Tsu)

  1. Korea has been an enemy of the U.N. since the formation of the U.N. as well as the U.S.A. as well as Japan. It is a known fact to anyone affiliated with the military that the U.S. Armed Forces funds almost every single movie and TV programming that represents the Armed Forces or any of its support services for entertainment control on its stations for the Armed Forces.  The movie that they claim was the motivator for the Sony Cyber Attack was “The Interview.”  (A satirical comedy designed to depict the assassination of N. Korean leader Kim Jung-Un.)

            If you believe that N. Korea has any ambition to stir the hornet’s nest that is America they don’t.  N. Korea knows that there is absolutely no outcome that going to war with NATO or the United States that ends with a win for N. Korea.  However, N. Korea is not foolish enough to believe that war with both is not coming.  In fact it is an economic inevitability according to   WWIII has already begun.  3 major notable events are not to be forgotten as the beginning of the War.  Tianjin, The untelevised Syrian War, and the ramp up of war training in the S. China Sea.

            We will begin in the middle with the Syrian war, aka The New War on Terror, aka the fight against ISIS.  ISIS (aka ISIL) is and has been known for a while to be a creation of the Right Wing.  And merely a long play for the systemic destabilization of the entire Middle East, in order to control the ability of all Russian, Chinese, and N. Korean allies in the region from all converging on currently Jewish controlled Israel.  The reason this war is not being televised is simple.  ISIS is not real.  The fact remains to the learned that the Civil War in Syria is truthfully a Proxy War between Russia and the United States.

            Tianjin, was a warning shot.  Fact, at the time of Tianjin China was developing and has subsequently now perfected a weapon capable of sinking a Naval Aircraft Carrier.  The United States has perfected the art of “it wasn’t us but you better believe it was us” attitude when it comes to accidents.  Tianjin claimed $1B in Chinese exports, 165 lives, and was started by a chemical that only required water to create acetylene-Calcium Carbide.  So though zero reports confirm who and what companies paid for the housing of Sodium Cyanide and Calcium Carbide in such large quantities that thunderstorms in the area became toxic rain, when there is no answer, better guess it’s the CIA.  Why, easy the only thing required to trigger the explosion would have been to remotely and silently activate the internal fire suppression system to make the chemicals active and no one was going to ever inspect if the containers had an explosive(s) in it when it arrived.  And coupled with the fact that most of the people (all Chinese) who truly knew what was there have been arrested by the Chinese government leads to no other suspicious than they have been charged with espionage as no media outlet is tracking what has happened with those who have been held responsible.

            Even as recently as this month it is clear that military tension between China and the United States are ramping up in 2017.  The completion and testing of the (Carrier Killer) missile, coupled with the ongoing operation of China to reclaim all of the S. China Sea. has U.S. patrols on high alert throughout the region.  Which by the way remains an act of war to the Chinese Government.

So what does any of this have to do with the Sony hack?  Plain and simple, War is the art of deception-Sun Tzu. The United States is a country that is known for deceiving the public as to what its real reasons for war are.  The current actions are simply the pawns moving along the chess board.  The Sony Hack is absolutely no different in any way shape or form.  If you have any belief that I am making any of this up or am some nut case research the Plans of the U.N. In1992 the U.N. released to all nation states of the planet its plan named agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is a 351 page document viewable in 6 languages right on the U.N. website.  It is no coincidence Tianjin occurred 2 weeks before unveiling of Agenda 2030.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

            What was the evidence that is the smoking gun that the attack was orchestrated by America?  The background photo chosen to represent the GOP.  It’s a Halloween photo.  They don’t celebrate Halloween in Korea.  Next, the name itself is and will remain a battle cry of the right wing.  Guardians of Peace.  October 22, 1960.

Vice President Richard Nixon before a crowd in Norristown, PA gave a speech that coined the phrase Guardians of Peace.   “Now, my opponent has said some remarks in his speeches. He didn’t say them when we were face to face, but he rather ridiculed, he said, the debates that Mr. Nixon had with Mr. Khrushchev. Just let me say this: Whoever is the President of this country is going to have to learn how to handle Mr. Khrushchev and his colleagues, and do it without surrendering freedom or territory any place in the world. I can assure you that Cabot Lodge and I have that background. We know what peace demands. We will always go the extra mile to strengthen peace, the extra mile to work for disarmament, the extra mile to reduce tensions, but we will always remember that the man we are dealing with and his colleagues are ruthless, fanatical aggressors and that they do not follow the rules of the game that we would like them to follow, and that we must treat them the way they are, and this means that we must never make a concession without being sure that we’re getting one in return, that we must never agree, for example, to disarmament unless we can be sure that they, too, are disarming.

Why is this necessary for peace? Because, as I said at my last stop, we’ve got to remember that as long as the United States maintains its present position of being stronger than anyone who threatens the peace of the world we can be the guardians of peace; but the moment that somebody or some nation that does not want peace – in other words, that would use war as an instrument of conquest – is stronger than we are, or thinks they are, then peace is no longer safe. So I say we will never do anything that will reduce American strength below the level that is necessary to maintain the peace that we have maintained in the last 7 years and that we can in the years ahead.”

Now oddly enough though I am yet to find any definitive connection between this author and his right wing affiliation.  The author of the science fiction novel titled “The Guardians of Peace” has also authored a blog.  This blog details how to survive an attack by a crazed gunman. “Surviving Attacks by Crazed Gunmen: The Politically Correct Guide

If faced with a crazed gunman: (1) Immediately run to the nearest Gun Free Zone. This will stop the attack, since any armed attacker will be unable to follow you.  (2) If he does follow you, point forcefully to the sign designating the Gun Free Zone. This will remind the attacker that guns are not allowed, and that he will have to leave.  (3) If he does not leave, point again and ask whether he saw the sign. You may ask this question multiple times, in an increasingly insistent tone of voice. (Do not ask if he can read English, however, as this may be considered insensitive and racist.)  (4) In the unlikely event that this does not work, and it appears that the attacker still intends to kill you, you have the option of leaving the Gun Free Zone and proceeding to any nearby place where armed good guys are present.  (5) Survivors should make broad generalizations concerning “doing something” about gun violence. In doing so, you should avoid limiting your suggestions to dealing with armed criminals, since this is a coded assertion of privilege and may be deemed discriminatory.


Nothing in this world is truthfully as it seems.  The clandestine efforts of the people in charge of this country reach even further than what I personally have time to research.  This article does leave several things open for speculation intentionally.  I like my life.  I have absolute zero intentions for any of my finds to be found by anyone with affiliation with the party of the GOP, or anyone with the government as usually my finds find the truth.  And the truth is always stranger than fiction.



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