Learn to Make a Living With Free Government Cell Phones For Free

Free government phones has been my passion for the last 4 years.  It has been a challenging and rewarding journey.  Meeting new people, helping the public, arguing with cops, meeting politicians, everyday a new face.  I came up with the idea to author this book mostly because when it comes to this business there is just not enough information on how to actually feed your family in it.   So if you want to learn from an award winning distributor you are in the right place.


Armed is the title because most people that get in this business start off like I did, Disarmed.  So if you are in the business and struggling or looking to get in the business this book will show you what the companies won’t or haven’t.  Follow these instructions to the letter and you will be giving away at more phones than you ever thought possible.


Now although this book is a short read, don’t think that something is missing.  I kept it short for a reason, if properly digested on a regular basis,  every other day twice a week you will learn how to eyeball a great location to meet your customers quickly, lose the fear of asking for your the sale, and get paid a lot more than possibly ever had up to that point.


I personally suggest that you reread this book and other articles I publish about the secrets in this book many many times.  I did not make it to a National Sales Manager position by not knowing what I am doing.  I made more mistakes than I can count, and sat around for many hours making sure I did not repeat those mistakes.