Fight of the Year!!!!!!!! Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm – Full Fight HD! The most sensational upset in UFC history!

Dethroned.  And inconclusively unprepared for a standup fight.  Ronda Rousey has shown the world she does not know how to duck, or deal with a fighter that does.

Ronda Rousey own words “I can take Anybody”

Even morholly holme embarrassing than the knockout by a left roundhouse to the jaw, was the knee buckling miss when Holly decided she wasn’t going to stand there and take one to the right jaw.

The First Round of the fight has to be the most jaw dropping I have ever seen a female contender display.  At no moment did the Former Champion look like a champ during that round.  Tall, Long, And Skinny fighters are hard to deal with.  Which exactly what Ronda found out in that first round.

Holly Holms is a southpaw.  The difficulty level a southpaw brings to a fight for all traditional stance fighters is not seeing that back hand when its coming.  Ronda ate almost every left hand Holly threw and paid for it dearly in the Second Round.  By the time Ronda’s Coaches were in the corner between rounds talking about it, the damage was done.

Whether Ronda will ever admit to it our not, that first round was a rude awakening at the holes she has right between her hands.  She doesn’t block.  Holly hit her directly in her mouth the entire first round and followed up in the second round with the exact same thing finishing her with a devasting kick in the same place.

A true and legitimate KO.
Post fight inteviewWith the new Champ

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The Kick to the lip
THe Kick to the lip

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