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Worst #PopeyesChicken on the Planet

Duane Brown #Worstplacetospendmoney. Flies in the restaurant. @texasgov #texasgov ‏The expectation that when I enter a restaurant that there be a menu available to decipher how I may spend my money is reasonable in all situations.

This facility not only has no menu inside of the restaurant but a staff that has no business with jobs. Customer service requires that all guest be greeted and acknowledge from the moment they enter into a facility… This is designed to create a welcome feeling with the purpose to preserve a working relationship as it is never a requirement for any patron to part with their hard earned money to facilitate the profit line of any business in existence. I was not greeted for over 10 minutes.

During that time the previous customers 2 older white ladies were provided service, this took as long as it did due to the lack of a working menu. A problem that though should not totally hinder a business from operation should require an intelligent management staff to be willing to make reasonable offers to patrons as it is known this is a for profit organization and no one cup nor desert makes or breaks any for profit company.

Waiting 10 minutes or even 5 for that matter just to be greeted and offered the opportunity to place an order in what would be expected to be a fast food facility is absurd when there is only one order preceding you. Not apologizing for the wait or making an offer to compensate for the unnecessary delay of my most valuable resource, and an expectation that after paying for a complete family meal that was valued over $20 that a drink should not have been on the house is unrealistic and down right rude.

Rudeness followed up by a lying team leader that had the audacity to pretend she was management while demanding I pay for a .20 cup at full price while I sat and waited an additional 27 minutes for an order the store decided it had no reason to fill as customer after customer rode away in the drive through, after I caught this particular fake manager, that had an issue with the fact that she was dealing with someone that she may want a real job from in the future, attempting to bag up my food with worst food she could possibly find in the store for my family to consume. And after having been caught attempting to bag up bad food for my children to eat deleted my order from the screen and pretended I had not paid for anything.

And they also decided to pretend that they refunded my money before I left the facility.

I will be posting this all over social media, contacting the health department about the flies. Informing every soldier I come across at the largest military facility in the country @FortHood #FortHood. The Mayor of Killeen, TX. The entire @KPLE #KPLE, @KWTX #KWTX, @KCEN #KCEN. And showing up at the facility to film the flies. @PopeyesChicken #worstplacetoeatharkerheights #horribleservice#badattitudecentral


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