The Truth Behind the Paris Attacks and the Mass Migrations of the Refugees

refugeesThe problem is not the refugees. The real problem is the movement of these people allows for the hiding of dangerous people. It is the Chaos Theory in action. with enough chaos going on creating more chaos becomes easier. If in the movement of over half a million people by foot sprinkled in are a group of 100 scattered about with malicious intent at the end of their journey how do you filter out what is on their mind. They all took the same journey. Upon arrival they will all have the same problems, hunger, need of medical attention, weary, so differentiating between the masses and the would be attackers is impossible. Truthfully it is a mix between prudent planning and quickly adapting to a fluid situation and both have led to what culminated into what can only be called a horrific attack on unsuspecting bystanders. Now for as cowardly of an act it was, what do we expect?


refugees1Guerilla Warfare has had decades to be refined, and these are the only tactics available to an underground army that wears no uniform. The only way to eliminate the chaos theory is to divert the masses into a situation where the few can be exposed. With zero remedy for the nonstop bellows of the do nothing groups that will claim how inhumane that decision will be, had those masses been diverted the attacks would not have occured. Leaving but one problem for politicians inhumanity for a mass of innocents, or terror for the globe. These are the decisions that are discussed behind closed doors. They are heavy decisions, there is no right or wrong and to often the do nothings like to jump on the band wagon of what is wrong or right rarely considering the secondary or tertiary effects of kindness or lack thereof.

paris tearsSecurity and safety are illusions in our world. Only the disillusioned believe that we can protect the world and home from the threats that exist while helping the fearful…

paris injuredThe refugees are a group of people entirely to scared to stand in there own front yard and say no you will not destroy my land. When the decision to fight or run was presented they ran. Their flight created a burden on the eastern world and now seek the sympathy of the world. When the correct decision would have been to destroy the threat where they stood.

paris mournsNow the threat has followed them and claimed numerous lives. So the real quetion is “Where are the brave in these countries, the masses are chicken s*** and lack the courage to take care of their own?

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