Today a Grown Man Cried

As the CEO of this small company it has been a long hard road.  Never as hard as it was as a Soloprenuer, but equally as daunting of a task.  But the most important lessons I have gathered in taking small amounts of my own money and growing 10 times that amount each and every time I have done it is, “you have to take the good with the bad,”  “no 2 days will be exactly alike,”  and “don’t stop, keep going.”


As a Soloprenuer I won the Best of Business Award in 2013 in St. Louis, MO in the Communications Category. wpid-wp-1411798929578.jpeg An award that has its similarities to the Nobel prize in that you have no idea you are even eligible for it until you have won it, you cannot just simple apply, nor can you earn it without doing the one thing that wins it,  GIVE.  Which amazes me even to this day, because in business you have no idea who is really paying attention to what you do.  Fortunately I have read a lot and been exposed to ideologies in my time that are timeless.  For example, as a child I was given the privilege to get my hands on a book by Dennis Kimbro.  That book, “Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice,” inculcated in me the desire to never work for a person who has not that knowledge.  That book also introduced me to a concept created by another man I wish I had the opportunity to meet,  PMA or a Positive Mental Attitude.  A concept that took me years to understand.  I also have had the opportunity to work in organizations that have been created under the premises of these motos and still exist to this day, like Combined Insurance.  Founded by W. Clement Stone Combined Insurance is a company that first works on the inside of the person before sending them out into the world to represent them and this education includes far more than the products the offer.  The most important thing I learned in those classes, “Do the Right Thing Cause it is the Right Thing to Do.”

“You Have to Take the Good with the Bad.”

Why do you have to take the good with the bad?  This phrase applies to a lot of things, customers, days, attitudes, contractors, situations, moments you cannot relive, a long list of things.  But I bring this lesson up to follow it up with a phrase my lost brother turned into a song.  “Everything has a Season”  Though this song has it title from a passage in the bible, the conversation that spurred its writing came from a conversation we had the forced me to introduce him to the concept of “Everything that Happens, Happens for a Reason, If it happened any Other Way something would have went wrong.”  I had to keep repeating that to him because I saw that sometimes he would forget to look at the lesson he could have learned from that.  Which is the point.  No matter what ideas we have, no matter obstacles we come across remember to look back and learn from it.  Do not forget it is about perspective.  The same situations that can bring you to the lowest place you have been financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually are the same situations that can propel you to the stratosphere of money and strength, if you remember to learn from those moments.  “The same things that will make you laugh will make you cry.”  Remember that.


No 2 Days Will Be Exactly Alike

Waynecomm for lack of a better term up to this point has been a “Sales organization.”  I use that term or phrase very loosely because most of the so-called sales are not actually sales, because most of our products require no money on the part of the consumer.  We do sale stuff but that has been at about 1/1000 in comparison.

None the less when you boil it down we have sold things and in large numbers.  Not because we are better at sales than anyone else, but we have Consistently stayed true to being consistent.  When coupled with persistence you get a great combination.

So why remember that “no 2 days will be exactly alike?”  Easy, you cannot get to excited nor ever to down hearted.  We can go out here into the world and do 63 “sales” in one day or get out here and barely get 10.  Either way we get out here.  And even if we attempt to make the same thing happen by going to the same place at the exact same time on the exact same day of the week the results will vary.  But remain consistent in getting results.  Pat yourself on the back regardless you have done more than the 80%.


Don’t Stop, Keep Going

This is a phrase I use when training.  I chant it to myself in my head.  I came up with this chant when I was a young man preparing to make the leap from the freshman football team to the varsity team when I was at MICDS.

Back then, training in St Louis is a hard thing to do when I was isolated from the energy of the team.  Attending a school where the majority of the students live in other parts of the city or far enough away that getting together is more of a chore than just getting out and doing it yourself, you have to come up with ways to keep doing it.  Thus the chant.  No one will know how much work you put into becoming the athlete you will be until they see the results.

The Chant goes like this,  as you inhale you whisper “Don’t Stop,” double exhale then “Keep Going,” double exhale again.  Start over.  Using this method I would run nonstop from 2449 Chambers Rd. St Louis, Mo 63136 to just short of the Mississippi River and back almost everyday that summer.  A 2 to 3 mile run that bears more hills and safety challenges than a few since some portions have no sidewalks.

Bringing this mindset to the business forum has taken me quite a way.  The people I have met understand that the race to making a company that is financially strong and able to withstand the ever-changing landscape business is not sprint.  It is a race that requires the ability to run long, hard, and with a never quitting attitude that most people just do not have.


So why is this titled “Today a Grown Man Cried”

Today a venture capital firm contacted me.  This company focuses on the SEED funding or Series A funding stage.  Which is exactly where my company is and we are excited about this potential growth opportunity.  Ready to learn what we do not know and ready to begin the next phase which will bring a new world of services and products to the market that Waynecomm is proud to present.  May our futures be profitable.

So why did I cry, I did not believe in The Law of Attraction as whole heartedly as I should have until now.  Last week my pregnant wife was in the hospital from Sunday through Thursday.  Her biggest worry was not about our son, nor herself.  Her biggest worry the entire time was how us being their was going to affect Waynecomm.   Every night when it was time to sleep I would put on Netflix, not to catch up on episodes of “The Walking Dead” but to remember that money is made first with the brain, we watched “The Secret” every night.  Why I knew that whatever financial blows we would suffer by not being able to work for that period of time would be irrelevant if we stayed positive and used our minds.

Tears of Joy made me cry.  A few times.

Duane Brown


Waynecomm LLC and its affiliates




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