The ENVY OF BASEBALL is in St Louis, However Ballpark Village May Not Be SO ST LOUIS


The final touches of construction continue at Ballpark Village on Tuesday, March 25. Ballpark Village is set to open on Thursday, at 5 PM for a special ribbon cutting ceremony and a VIP party, then open to the general public at 9 PM with a concert from Third Eye Blind. (Amy Determan/CBS Radio St. Louis)

According to Christi Menges @christimenges23 on Twitter, and to the total dismay of @Nelly_Mo, the Brewhouse which is the large patio located three stories up in the air at Ballpark Village (the self proclaimed envy of major league baseball) will not play the music of Saint Louis’ own megasuper star Nelly.  According to a tweet by Christi Menges to the megasuperstar she wrote.  ”

thought u should know- Brewhouse mgmnt at wouldn’t play your music bc hip hop would attract “the wrong crowd”- disgusted.

The only response from the CEO of Nelly inc.

Nelly_Mo Retweeted christi menges

Please someone tell me this is not true…???

Nelly_Mo added,

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