New ocean discovered. What will IT be named???

My big question is simple.  Ying yang style.  If what goes up must come down, (you are falling in space for any less than intelligent readers,) does the opposite hold true?  Does what lies beneath must go up?  If so could this 3 times the size of the oceans reservoir be weaponized against a target?  Worth asking since it’s currently unconfirmed whether IT  even extends around the entire Earth.  IT has only been confirmed under the United States as yet. 

Could the actual culprit behind rising sea levels be, IT .?  Or ITS. 
Would  IT potentially trigger Yellowstone?
What organisms are surviving inside IT?
Could IT hold the secret cures to diseases or the plagues of the future?
Is IT any different from a volcano as a danger to mankind itself?

Questions that all deserve answers. 

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